Volume 30 Issue 29 08 Oct 2021 2 Heshvan 5782

Primary News

Natanya Milner – Head of Primary School

Welcome to Term 4. I feel like I am writing to you so much lately so I will spare you another long communication from me. Instead, I thought I would mention a couple of lovely things to start the term off.

The sports department is encouraging students to get active and asked the staff to submit different sports and activities that they enjoy. Thanks to Kristy Genc and Indiana Faithfull who developed a fun video. I would like to thank them for their efforts. 

I would like to thank the P&F for staying so engaged and positive during such a challenging time. I have the great pleasure of attending the P&F meetings and am so grateful for their passion and energy to support the children and the School. Their latest initiative is the wonderful Sukkot chain…take a look at their page. I would like to thank Ruby and Jen for their endless support!

I will send a letter next week with all of the return details and look forward to seeing children back on campus soon!