Volume 31 Issue 28 09 Sep 2022 13 Elul 5782

Primary IT and Innovation

Year 6 IT and Innovation Leaders update

This year we have completed many tasks as a group, recorded students learning, helped out with assembly and many other things. I think all of us can agree that we enjoy being an IT and Innovation Leader and we have helped lots of people.

In Term 1, we filmed Pesach and other Jewish festivals. In Term 2 we ran clubs, controlled lights and watched the High School students control the lights to make the whole school happy. In Term 3, we helped with Project Heritage and filmed sign language videos. 

This term, the Innovation Leaders have enjoyed seeing students grow their minds by learning Hebrew sign language. They enjoy learning about sign language so much and they are basically learning a different language – showing respect and dedication to the people who have to live like this every day. It’s nice to see people show different skills in their languages and hear what they have to say. We would love to keep on making these sign language videos.

In the AV box, the IT Leaders change the lights, change the volume of the microphones and generally make sure everything is working. We enjoy making the lighting just right. We always try our hardest to get them right. We also always try to help out if there is a IT problem, for example, if people can’t connect to the projector, if they can’t connect a microphone and much more.

The IT and Innovation Leaders are looking forward to continuing our support of lunch time clubs, of continuing to run the AV room each Thursday and Friday morning for prayers as well as assemblies and continuing to extend the role of innovation at Emanuel School. 

The Year 6 IT and Innovation Leaders can help K-6 with anything IT related. If you have any IT related questions, you can email the Innovation Leaders or the teachers if you need help with your whiteboard or in class. Feel free to ask the team and we can come and support you at recess or lunch.

By Jake Rosenfeld, Jacob Davis, Jonathan Shmuel, Matthew Simon and Dean Wolf
Year 6 IT and Innovation Leaders