Volume 31 Issue 12 06 May 2022 5 Iyyar 5782

Primary Innovation Leaders

Let’s innovate

The Innovation Leaders started Term 1 with a flurry of excitement and activity. We had a busy end of term supporting the school’s innovation and technology programs including lunch time clubs, filming major events and supporting the new school initiative of Hebrew Sign Language. 

Throughout the last few weeks of Term 1 and this term, we have been assisting Mora Gaida in filming Year 6 students teaching others Hebrew Sign Language. The Hebrew sign language videos are a great way to connect to the Hebrew language and acknowledge those who have to use sign language and be in their shoes. It is like spreading love and congratulating others on how far they’ve got doing that. It shows that we are all together and can learn the same thing. Hopefully this could help someone in the future. 

Our plan for Term 1 was to see what clubs Primary students enjoyed, and then to make clubs based on the knowledge we gathered. We have clubs for lower primary and upper primary, including Minecraft club which is very popular throughout Primary School. The Year 1 and 2 students love coming to the MakerSpace. We helped them explore spheros as we built courses for them to try and navigate. It was a lot of fun for them and for us. We started our leadership by trying to think of ideas for new clubs for different year groups. This was a very fun activity which allowed us to come up with great  club ideas. We also got the chance to join the Minecraft club. Then we filmed classes doing their Pesach seders. Everyone was very cooperative and kind, which made filming so much easier. 

The IT and Innovation Leaders have been attending the weekly Years 3-4 Minecraft club and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the students having fun and helping them. We were very impressed with some of the abilities and creations of the younger students. Minecraft is a wonderful tool for students to develop their creativity and enthusiasm for learning. In the club this term, students engaged in multiple build challenges where they worked in teams to complete a design brief. Students had to learn self-control, communication and negotiation. 

The last thing we did in term one was to film the students making gifts for the Montefiore Home and then send them all the gifts everyone made. Now we are looking forward to learning how to use the equipment in the Millie Phillips Theatre and in the MPH. It will be interesting and fun to work with different teachers and learn different things. 

We are also very excited about the Years 5-6 Minecraft club, and helping students to learn to build and create. We hope we can be of assistance in any way and look forward to all the opportunities presented to us.

By Jacob Davis, Jake Rosenfeld, Yonni Shmuel, Matthew Simon, Nate Weinberger and Dean Wolf 
Year 6 Primary Innovation Leaders