Volume 31 Issue 29 16 Sep 2022 20 Elul 5782

Night of Instrumental Music concerts

Jonah Bloom -Year 6 Music Leader

Zachary Salamon – Year 6 Music Leader

On Wednesday 24 August 2022, the Music Department put on the Night Of Instrumental Music concerts. This concert featured all of the school’s instrumental ensembles including all of the Primary School IP groups. The first half of the concert was dedicated to the strings, and the second half for concert bands. 

We enjoyed hearing all of the Primary School performers, particularly the IP groups who have not had another public performance opportunity this year. A fun fact is that across both concerts there were over 300 students involved in the Night of Instrumental Music. 

Everyone who played was amazing, and some of our favourite items were the perfect prodigy Pearlman Strings, the brilliant Bernstein Concert Band and the Krazy Kool Korngold Strings. A highlight of the night was being able to watch the High School instrumental ensembles, including the Copland Concert Band, Mendelssohn Strings and Emanuel Big Band. It is inspiring for us to see the range of ensembles available to us when we keep playing our instruments next year in High School.

We hope that everyone who came had a great time and we are so excited for next year’s concerts.

We would like to thank the Music Department for organising the concert, all of the teachers who helped to supervise us, our IP and ensemble leaders for teaching us our instruments and to Ofer Levy for taking photos.