Volume 31 Issue 14 20 May 2022 19 Iyyar 5782

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Remington Owen – Music Teacher 5 – 12

And the winners are…

We are thrilled to announce the winners from the Music Competition. The competition was held over Term 1, with a Finalists Concert held on Monday 4 April 2022.

Congratulations to all those who were invited to perform at the Showcase Concert, and those who submitted a performance or composition to the music competition. The submissions to the competition demonstrate just how strong music is here at Emanuel School. We can’t wait for next year’s event, and we hope that we have even more submissions in 2023!

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the people without whom this competition would not be able to run. These events require a surprisingly large number of people and we are so grateful for everything they do. Firstly, thank you to Andrew Watt and Natanya Milner for their enthusiastic support of the music program, as well as the whole school executive. To Joanne De Araujio and Melinda Seeto for their help in organising the events and the rooms, the accompanists Daniel Burley and Adam Majsay, our audio visual engineer Benjamen Marshall, our photographer Ofer Levy, the marketing team Michelle Favero and Belinda Levin, the music team of Diana Springford, Daniel Burley, Adam Majsay and Sarit Spira, and all of the instrumental music teachers, thank you for your support of the competition and making the event possible. 

The winners for each section are listed below:

K-2 Composition – Koben Benko
K-2 Performance Oliver & Juliette Mendoza Roth
3-6 Composition Levi Brody
3-6 Performance Nathan Shammay
7-10 Composition Tyson Latter
7-10 Performance Benjamin Fram
11-12 Composition Benjamin Cohen
11-12 Performance – Mariah Lewy

Congratulations again to the winners of the competition.