Volume 31 Issue 11 29 Apr 2022 28 Nisan 5782

Music Camp 2022

Diana Springford – Head of Music

Don’t forget to book for Music Camp!

An information letter about Music Camp and how to book has been emailed to parents and students from Years 4-12 music ensembles and choirs. If you are concerned that you have not received this information, please contact Joanne De Araujo.   

If your child is about to join an ensemble or choir on the promise of attending Music Camp, please ensure they join next week and contact Joanne immediately to send you all the information.

The annual Emanuel School Music Camp is a wonderful celebration of our vibrant music culture and the talents and hard work of our young musicians. Students unite in a shared love of music for an exciting immersion in rehearsals, performances (some serious, some fun, some ensemble, some solo). It’s an opportunity to work together in the pursuit of excellence and engage with the work of some very special guest conductors and/or composers. Emanuel School music staff join with a team of highly skilled professional musicians to develop and hone students’ musical skills in preparation for an exciting showcase concert.

Emanuel School Music Camp is a four-day camp from Monday 20 June 2022 – Thursday 23 June 2022. The first three days are held in the beautiful bush setting of Lake Mac Outdoor Recreation Centre in Balcolyn and the final day is held at Emanuel School. Students return to Emanuel on the evening of Wednesday 22 June 2022, to be collected by parents in the early evening.

Music Camp continues at Emanuel School on Thursday 23 June 2022 with an all-day rehearsal, a BBQ dinner for students and our Music Camp Showcase Concert in the MPH on the Thursday evening.