Volume 31 Issue 16 03 Jun 2022 4 Sivan 5782

Managing stress at HSC time

Julian Abelson – Director of Studies 7-12

On Friday 20 May 2022 we were fortunate to have Jennifer Hawken, a clinical psychologist and expert in stress management, join us from the Kidman Centre at UTS, to run an HSC Stress Management session with our Year 12 HSC students. Ms Hawken spoke about the origins of stress, how a good level of stress can be helpful in achieving goals, while excessive stress can be debilitating. Ms Hawken provided practical guidance on techniques to manage stress and also a range of Apps that can support students. One key message was the importance of practising stress management techniques in advance of the stressful situation, rather than engaging with them for the first time when under stress. Students were provided with a booklet from the workshop and they are encouraged to review this booklet and to take on aspects of the workshop that they see as helpful in their personal stress management.