Volume 31 Issue 19 24 Jun 2022 25 Sivan 5782

Ma Koreh

Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Life Primary

In Jewish Studies we viewed and analysed the art of Hillel Smith, an American Jewish artist who combines Hebrew text with graphic design and typography. 

Inspired by his work, students in Year 5 applied these concepts of one of the Hebrew names for God in our tradition. After selecting a Hebrew name of God, students incorporated these names in posters to express and communicate beliefs and conceptions of God.

Here is a sample of some of their interpretations:

I chose God’s name Ain Sof – Without End. I used the infinity sign to represent God being without beginning or end and going on forever. Black and white are both colours that you can lose yourself in. By Ella Cohen-Peace.  

My artwork uses God’s name HaMakon  – The Place. I chose an image of the sky to represent God being in a place everyone can experience, just like the sky. The colours make me feel relaxed and comfortable, just as God can be a source of comfort to people. By Ciel Sharabani Kat

I chose God’s name HaShem – The Name. I was playing around with the idea of placing God’s name on a name tag, so people could meet and get to know God. I wanted the font to look handwritten, like God has written the name down. By having the images say “Hello”, it represents God as inviting and wanting to encourage a connection with us, inviting us to say ‘hello’’ back. By Kira Maizel

My artwork uses God’s name HaShem  – The Place. My image uses the bold colours of black, white and grey in a mirror-like reflection to show how people can have different ideas and beliefs about God. By Joel Hersh