Volume 31 Issue 13 13 May 2022 12 Iyyar 5782

Ma Koreh

Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Life Primary

Term 2 is well underway and Years 3-6 students are busy learning in Jewish Studies.

Year 3

Year 3 students will be delving into the stories from the Book of Genesis, through their Explorer’s Bible textbook. Before looking at these stories, we have been learning about the Torah more generally, discussing why it is so important for the Jewish people and learning that the word תורה means ‘teachings’, thinking about what we can learn from reading and studying the Torah?.

We watch a fascinating video about how a Torah scroll is made and the job of Sofer – Jewish scribe, who writes the Torah scroll.

In the coming week, students will have the opportunity to have a close up look at our School’s sefer Torah.  

Year 4

What happened to the Jewish people after they crossed the Red Sea? How did Moses and the people deal with the challenges and responsibilities of their new found freedom? Through studying stories and Torah passages from the book of Exodus, students have begun learning of the trials and adventures of the Jewish people in the Wilderness. Students have ‘stepped inside the sandals’ of Moshe, just after the crossing of the Red Sea, to write a diary from his perspective, thinking about his future and that of the Jewish people. 

Year 5

To conclude our unit on Jewish ethics and rule around food, students have been busy designing their own kosher dinner party – from planning the menu to using the Kashrut Authority website to ensure all the ingredients they will be using are kosher. There have been some creative and delicious meals planned and students have learnt that by thinking carefully and creatively about ingredients and how a wide range of recipes can be made kosher.   

Year 6

Students have begun a whirlwind journey through Jewish history, from Abraham to the present, to explore and discuss the Jewish people’s connection to the Land of Israel. Reflecting on the name ישראל Israel and its meaning ‘struggle with God’, we have learnt the different meanings and usage of this word, discussing whether the Jews are a religion, a nation or a combination of the two.