Volume 30 Issue 33 05 Nov 2021 1 Kislev 5782

Ma Koreh

Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Life Primary

Jewish Studies

Year 3  

Year 3 students have been exploring stories from the book of Bereishit (Genesis), learning about the lives and exploits of key Biblical personalities who comprise the Jewish family tree. Based on the concept of Torah meaning ‘teaching’, the students will focus on the ethics, values and moral lessons contained within the Torah and reflected in the lives of the Biblical personalities. 

Morah Gaida and her class have been learning about the story of Joseph, his experiences in Egypt and his relationship with his brothers. Inspired by Doodly Jew and their knowledge of Joseph, students created their own informative and creative Hebrew calligraphy using the name of Joseph.

Year 4 

Together we have been thinking about the song “ עֵץ חַיִים הִיה “ which tells us that ‘Torah is a Tree of Life’. After wandering the campus looking at different types of trees, we identified the many different components and function of trees. These ideas were then put alongside a list of what can be found in the Torah and the role and purpose of the Torah. Students were then asked to make connections between these ideas to creatively explain how the Torah is “ עֵץ חַיִים הִיה   – a Tree of Life”.

Here is a sample of their thinking: