Volume 30 Issue 18 18 Jun 2021 8 Tammuz 5781

Ma Koreh

Adam Carpenter – Head of Jewish Life Primary

Year 4 Tanakh presentation

Parents and grandparents of the Year 4 students attended a special Primary School Torah Service and Tanakh presentation ceremony on Thursday. Each child’s Tanakh had been lovingly decorated and personalised with family histories, stories, photographs and blessings in preparation for the ceremony and a number of families participated in the Torah service. Reiner Steiner Carrion, her mother Rebecca and grandmother Nella, took out the Sefer Torah to symbolise the passing on of the Torah from generation to generation. Multiple members and generations of Zach Churnin’s family were called to the Torah to represent all of our families being called to receive and to pass on our tradition. 

Before passing on the Tanakh to their child, parents were led in the birkat banim – the blessing over the children. This beautiful ceremony was followed by hugs, kisses and the singing of Siman tov u’ mazal tov. The pride and delight expressed by the children and their families over the giving and receiving of the Tanakh was very special. Families shared a quiet moment at the end of the ceremony to read over and share the personalised messages and decorations with their child. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and family members who were able to attend the ceremony and for the love and care put into personalising each Tanakh.

Year 1 Tel Aviv Pathways ceremony 

This Friday marked our final K-2 Shabbat Pathways ceremony as we celebrated the learning journey of 1 Tel Aviv with their parents and the K-2 students. Morah Sarit and Morah Baron led a Shabbat filled with singing, blessings and ruach, giving our guests a taste of regular weekly Shabbat celebrations. We were treated to stories by Rabbi Ninio and our ceremony focused on the meaning and significance of our names – the names we are given and also the שם טוב (Shem Tov) – the ‘good name’ we earn for ourselves through our deeds and actions. Students received a blessing from their parents and a beautifully inscribed hamsa frame.

Todah rabah to Mrs Silver, Morah Erika, Morah Becky, Morah Baron and Morah Sarit for their involvement. Thank you to the parents of 1 Tel Aviv for preparing their child’s hamsa and being part of the Pathways experience.