Volume 31 Issue 13 13 May 2022 12 Iyyar 5782

Let’s sign

Rebecaa Gaida – Hebrew Teacher Primary

Israeli sign language שפת הסימנים הישראלית
Shalom!  שלום

This week our amazing sign language club has made a few videos for you to watch:

  • Lag Ba’Omer ל׳׳ג בעומר which is the festival coming up next week that celebrates the 33rd day of the Omer when Rabbi Akiva’s students stopped dying from a plague and people light huge bonfires.
  • Chag sameach חג שמח!

They also made two videos with sentences using the formula יש לי yesh li I have/ein li אין לי  –  you can use this for so many things:

Big thanks to Elyad Rapke, Veronica Aronov, Amelie Lipman, Jazzy Goodman, Willow Gelin and Dylan Fisher for featuring in our videos.


Chag Sameach!

Toda, תודה

Morah Gaida מורה גייד ה