Volume 31 Issue 22 29 Jul 2022 1 Av 5782

Let’s sign

Rebecca Gaida – Hebrew Teacher Primary

Israeli sign language שפת הסימנים הישראלית

Shalom!  שלום

This week the IT leaders have made a range of videos with phrases using ‘ma’ which means ‘what’ in Hebrew. They used the Israeli sign language dictionary with these ma words and phrases.

What? מה

How are you? מה שלומך 
ma shlomech (f)/shlomcha (m)

What do you care? מה אכפת לך 
ma ichpat lecha (for a boy)/ma ichpat lach (for a girl)  

What’s the time? מה השעה
 ma hasha’ah


Have a look and see – did they get it right? Come to me for a prize if you can say one of these words!  

Big thanks to the IT leaders and the people that they filmed: Alexander Yu, Mia Goodridge, Jay Davis, Julian Fisher, Jakob Pager, Dean Wolf, Jake Rosenfeld, and Mr Aghion for organising all the videos.