Volume 31 Issue 27 02 Sep 2022 6 Elul 5782


Terry Aizen – Director of Kornmehl

Let’s dance

On Sunday, 180 Kornmehl children and parents gathered in the Lehrer Family Building (MPH) for an afternoon of fun, disco dancing, bubble blowing, photo booth dress-ups and a delicious sausage sizzle.

This was the first time in three years that we have been able to hold a social event for Kornmehl families. We have missed getting together as a community and being able to chat, catch up, relax, and have fun together. There was much joy and excitement in the room. The energy was palpable and thanks to 100% Dance Company, we all spent a good hour, dancing together, letting our hair down and enjoying the happy vibes.

Of course, an event of this nature would not have been possible, without the support of my efficient and enthusiastic Parent Club – Amy Friedlander, Leanne Eisman, Leia Lewis, and Lara Samway. Thank you so much from all the staff and parents at Kornmehl.

Many thanks to Nathan Cohen, Balint Halmagyi and Cordelle Scaife for the delicious sausage sizzle.

A huge thank you to Cliffie Rosenberg (Ziggy’s dad) for supplying and setting up the wonderful lighting effects for the event. They were amazing and helped to create the atmosphere we were so hoping for. Your expertise was very much appreciated, as well as your willingness to share your skills and talents so generously with us all.

Thanks also to all our helpers on the day – Jade Marishel, Nadine Yemen, Cara Frank and Michelle Levitt. We appreciate your support enormously.

My thanks also to Ben Marshall from our IT tech team, and to the maintenance team for helping us with the BBQs and tables for the event.

Thank you also, to all the teachers who came along to support the event, supervise the photo booth and food tables, and encourage the children with the dancing.

It was a fabulous action-packed afternoon and the kids all had so much fun and many memories were created.

Family Day Breakfast

On the morning of Monday 5 September 2022 we will be celebrate Family Day in the Pre-school. We look forward to sharing a special time with each child’s mum or dad. 

The children have been preparing a surprise gift for their special person. It has been an exciting process of discovery, as the children have experimented with extracting colour out of different foods (beetroot, silver beet leaves and turmeric) and learning about the process of tie dying. The word “tie-dye” comes from the French word “tiede”, which means to dye. 

Tie-dye helps stimulate both sides of children’s brains, which helps in improving memory, co-ordination and attention. It assists children in developing their fine motor skills, patience and dexterity. Tie-dye is a different way for children to learn about colour theory. By experimenting with different colours and patterns, they can see how colours can be combined to create new colours, and how different patterns can change the look of a design. Tie-dye is also a fun way to teach children about the science of colour. By soaking fabric in a dye bath and then removing it, they can see how the colour is absorbed into the fabric.

Tie-dying helps to promote creativity and self-expression. It allows kids to experiment with colour and design, and to create something that is uniquely their own. It is also a good opportunity for them to practice fine motor skills, such as tying knots and manipulating fabric. Tie dyeing gives children the opportunity to express themselves and discover colour harmonies and blending. Children will experience the excitement of creating a beautiful unique art piece. And finally, it is simply a fun and memorable activity to enjoy and look back on fondly.

Farewell to Sarit

On Friday the Pre-school had a special guest for Shabbat – Morah Sarit – our dynamic music teacher. Sadly, we had to bid farewell to Sarit, as she leaves us to embark on an exciting life journey – the birth of her first baby in a few weeks’ time. Sarit we will miss you very much and look forward to hearing your good news. We hope we get to meet your baby very soon. Thank you for all your amazing music lessons. We have all learnt so much from you and we are in awe of your talents and the beautiful way you engage with the children.

The joy of reading to young children

This term, we have invited parents and grandparents to come in and read to their child’s group at story time. It has been wonderful inviting families into our space to share the intimacy of story book reading. Of course, we all know how important reading is to young children, and this time together has reinforced not only our partnerships with families, but also how the joy of losing yourself in the pages of a book, evokes the imagination, stimulates curiosity, and ignites the children’s interest and delight in early literacy.