Volume 31 Issue 24 12 Aug 2022 15 Av 5782


Terry Aizen – Director of Kornmehl

Breakfast and Pyjama Day

What a fabulous, exciting, and much anticipated morning we all had. The weather was just right for snuggling up and keeping warm in our pyjamas. We started the day on our beds hugging a special soft toy, playing with our torches and making patterns on the ceiling, while listening to relaxing music. We watched two Aboriginal Dreamtime stories on the big screen: Tiddalick The Frog and How The Moon Was Made. This proved to be a big hit! This was followed by sharing two very special shadow books on the overhead projector: “The Game of Light” and “The Game of Shadows”. Finally, we were woken up with fairy dust by our fairy teachers, who invited us to a very special and delicious Kornmehl breakfast. The breakfast consisted of cereals, bread and spreads, fruit, rice crispy crackles and a glass of Milo. We all had a lot of fun and a most enjoyable morning.

Jeans for Genes Day

On Friday 5 August 2022, we collected Tzedakah for Jeans for Genes Day. Each year, Australians unite by wearing their favourite jeans and denim outfits and donating money to support genetic research. Every dollar raised on the day helps scientists at the Children’s Medical Research Institute discover treatments and cures, to give every child the opportunity to live a long and healthy life. We were very happy to be able to support another worthwhile charity and for our youngest Kornmehl citizens to know, that even though they are so little, they can still help to make a difference in the world.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

We will be celebrating Grandparents and Special Friends Days next week:

Wednesday 17 August 2022 – Starfish
Thursday 18
August 2022 – Dolphins 
Friday 19 August 2022 – Seashells 

Time: 9.30 am – 11.00 am.

We are looking forward to sharing this special time together with our wonderful grandparents and special friends, many of whom we know very well and whom we see on a regular basis when they come to the Pre-school to drop off or pick up their grandchildren. The children will all be singing a few songs, followed by a variety of shared activities and a delicious morning tea.

Bush School

Last week our Seashell younger group were finally able to enjoy their first Bush School visit to Centennial Park. The children were very excited and eager to get going on their walk down to the park. Carrying their own backpacks, they were accompanied capably by their teachers and volunteer parent helpers. On arrival, the children participated in an Acknowledgement to Country and gave thanks for the trees, leaves, bugs, worms and the sky.

They speculated as to why some of the trees had no leaves on them:

Dylan: The wind blew them off the tree and, in the summer, the wind will blow the leaves back up to the tree again. 
Noam: Summer trees were normal trees and then the leaves blew away.

The Seashells delighted in being able to play freely in the outdoors and discover what their Bush School classroom had to offer. We were amazed at how settled and happy they all were from the minute they arrived. 

The children spent time exploring, climbing trees, digging for worms, tapping sticks together, roasting marshmallows at imaginary fires and rolling in the leaves. They also paid a visit to the duck pond and discovered that the ducks were a little shy that day. Only a few swam past to say hello. The Seashells are looking forward to their next visit in a few weeks’ time.

Commonwealth Games

The Dolphins have been following the Commonwealth Games closely and learning about the different sports. They have also learnt that the Commonwealth Games includes athletes with a disability.

We asked the children what they knew about being disabled?

Xander: They may have lost an arm or a leg.
Tahlia: Or a finger.
Sam: You can only compete in these races if you have lost a bit of your body.

Why do we wear green and gold?

Tahlia: Because it’s a yellow team.
Claudia: They have different teams, if a yellow wins, then all the yellow wins. 
Sam: To show we are playing the Olympics.
Xander: It’s a lucky colour for the Olympics.
Freddie: My dad has a silver medal; he has run a marathon before.

Where are the games being held?

Hugo: On the TV, Scotland, and some other countries.
Sam: It’s in England.

The Dolphins engaged over the two weeks in a medal tally graph, to keep track of how many medals Australia are receiving:

Sam: I remember the order it goes in – Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Together, we counted that Australia had 31 Gold, 20 Silver and 20 Bronze medals.  We counted and checked the medal tally every day, adding to our graph and counting how many of each the team had won. 

We set up a table with photographs of Australian athletes participating in different sports. We invited the children to draw the athletes from close observation and memory. They enjoyed watching some of the races on our big screen and learning about the different sporting events. 

The children were amazed at how well Australia did in the end. 

Happy Birthday

We wish a very happy birthday to Luca Telesca (5) and Adrienne Wasserman (5). We hope you both had a beautiful day.