Volume 31 Issue 14 20 May 2022 19 Iyyar 5782


Terry Aizen – Director of Kornmehl

Biggest Morning Tea

This week our Pre-school community has once again shown their generosity and support for our Biggest Morning Tea Fundraiser. We know that so many of us have family and friends who have been touched by the sadness of cancer. The Biggest Morning Tea is an opportunity for us to come together as a community, to reflect and think about those we have lost or who are currently battling cancer and to donate to support further research in this area.

I am thrilled that we raised well over $2,500 for this worthy cause!

This has been from parents, staff at Emanuel School and of course the children. Thank you to you all.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Pre-school smelt delicious as the smells of cupcakes, choc chip cookies and rice bubble slices wafted through the air. The children were involved in the baking, they created signs for the Kornmehl Café and helped to set up a shop outside ready for the Year K’s on Thursday morning. 

The interactions were delightful, as the Year K children selected what they wanted from the choices on offer. There was chatter, questions about money and lots of laughter. It was also beautiful to witness the Year K’s having a play in the Kornmehl playground and seeing all our friends from last year again.

The Kornmehl carpark was also buzzing from 7.30 am, with staff and parents coming to buy their morning coffee and get a pastry too. The delicious pastries were generously donated by Jesse’s Bakery for the event. Thank you to Jesse Meguideche for his generosity. Thank you to Justin Moddel from Mugg Shot for donating his time, expertise and delicious coffee’s to our Biggest Morning tea. We appreciate all the generous support received for this event.

Thank you to my Parent Club members for their on-going support and involvement in organising this event: Mrs Amy Friedlander, Mrs Leia Lewis, Mrs Leanne Eisman and Mrs Lara Samway.

Woolworths Landcare Grant

A big thank you to our Educator Lindi Bloch for applying for and securing a Woolworths Landcare Grant for $1,000. The intention for this grant is to plant a native sensory garden in the Kornmehl outdoor area, together with families and the children. The aim is for the children to learn to care for the plants and to spend time observing and visiting the space as they begin to understand the connection and relationship between local species and their habitats. Children will gain an understanding of the needs of local native wildlife, appreciating the diversity/ biodiversity of native species and how to support, protect and help them thrive. We will also be involved in recording the presence of insects attracted to the garden and use Apps to identify different creatures. The dense planting will create spaces for nesting, breeding and shelter, supporting habitats for smaller creatures and insects including a variety of lizards and spiders, that frequent our outdoor area. The native garden will allow for flowering native plants, which will support our stingless beehive with pollination for our vegetable gardens. Interacting with nature will foster an awareness of being connected to something greater, developing a love for the natural world and caring for living things. Through designing
the garden, the children will develop and explore mathematical concepts and their understanding of size, length, and density as we design a garden of layered ground covers, shrubs, climbers, and trees. 

As the children wander through the garden, their senses will be enriched as they smell, look, taste, and feel the growth of the plants. The native herbs in-between the plants will be harvested and used in cooking, baking, and eating experiences. Something beautiful and sensory that we can all enjoy for many years to come!

Lag B’Omer

The Pre-school celebrated lag B’Omer on Friday during Shabbat. It was a Shabbat with a difference, as we all gathered around the bonfire in the car park to sing our Shabbat songs, say our Shabbat brachot and learn about the story of Lag B’Omer and Rabbi Akiva. The morning culminated in us enjoying baked potatoes and roasted marshmallows around the bon-fire, while we sang and listened to music. Such a beautiful and spiritual way to end the week.

Happy Birthday


We wish a very happy birthday to Edison Robuck (3), Matteo Freedman (5) and James Frank (4).

We hope you all had a beautiful birthday celebration.