Volume 29 Issue 37 27 Nov 2020 11 Kislev 5781


Terry Aizen – Director of Kornmehl

What our Security Guards do

With the end of the year approaching we spoke to the children about the role that the security guards play at Pre-school and how we can thank them for the work that they do:

Talia: Max and Archie take care of our school. If anybody comes in, they protect us.
Ari: If they don’t know a Mummy or Dad, they stop and them and ask who they are, so they can get used to each other.
Kayla: They make sure nothing bad happens to the cars and help the people know what to do.
Phoebe: They make sure no one gets hurt. They make sure cars can come in safely. They keep us safe because we might get hurt or injured if a stranger comes in.
Koben: So, when the kids come in, they make sure they don’t get hit by a car. They protect us when we are going to Bush School.
Liam: They keep us safe. If you don’t have an orange 2020 sign on your car, you can’t come in.
Cian: They keep us safe and protect us.
Kirra: They look at the people in the cars and look out for the parents and children.
Abi: They look after the people that are parked inside
Zola: They make sure no baddies come in. They protect the kids. Thank you for keeping us safe.
Levi W: Thank you for helping us and looking after the cars.
Miles: They are for security. They open the fence to let the cars out and in. They look after all of us. Thank you for helping us in the car park. I hope you have a lovely year.
Rafi L: Thank you for looking after us. Thanks for being our security guards.
Julian: Thank you for protecting our school.

Video Stories

This term, parents were invited to record themselves reading a story to the children. This was a way we could bring families into the pre-school to connect with the children. Videos were sent in and showed to the respective groups on the big screen. There were mixed emotions and reactions from the children, but on the whole, they were elated, very proud and happy to see their family involved in reading a story to the group. 

Levi’s story was Pig the Winner, which was read by Levi’s mum Leah. When the video started to play Levi said “I am embarrassed, but it made me happy. I was a bit shy too”. After saying that Levi had big smiles while mum was reading and a few little giggles too.
Talia’s story was The Giving Tree, which was read by Talia’s mum Ella. Talia was quiet during the reading, but the kids were so excited as they loved the story. This story evokes many emotions and feelings. Talia felt a bit overwhelmed with the story. She became emotional as Mum was reading it. What a special story to share with the group.
Talia: I felt excited because I saw mummy, I was also happy, shy and scared. I liked the book.
Koben’s story was Are you my mother? The story was read by Naomi, Koben’s mum and Zella his sister, with a cameo appearance from Koben himself reading parts of the book. There were lots of giggles throughout the reading of the book especially with the snorting, that was a big hit. 


This week all three groups performed their concert at Pre-school virtually. The concerts were videoed and will be shown to families via a YouTube link before the end of the year. The build up to the concerts was exciting and the children were involved in selecting the songs they wanted to sing and making props for their songs. The songs were fun and interactive, including using musical instruments and a mix of Jewish, Aboriginal and other songs. The children were all confident and participated beautifully on the day. We did not have any tears or children feeling overwhelmed by having their parents in a live audience. It was lovely to see how they all participated so enthusiastically. We can’t wait to show it to families, who will now have the concerts as a reminder for many years to come.

Thank you to Mr Edward Smith and Mr Ben Marshall from the IT department for their time and expertise on the day in recording and editing the concerts ready for distribution.Thank you to the educators for all the hard work they put into preparing the children for the day.

Bush School Family Picnics

This week on Wednesday and Friday, the Starfish and Dolphin families were invited to join us at Bush School for our final visit of the year. It was very special to be able to include families in our Bush School experiences for the first time this year. The children were equally excited and delighted in showing their families around our Bush School classroom, how they can climb trees and look for bugs in the dirt.

Thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to join us. Next week on Tuesday, the Seashell families will join us at Bush School for their visit.


Happy Birthday

We wish a very happy birthday to Uriel Stein (4), Oliver Frank (5), Talia Lizor (5), Rafi Silvera (4) and Elisa Lavecky (4),  We hope you had a special birthday.