Volume 29 Issue 33 30 Oct 2020 12 Heshvan 5781


Terry Aizen – Director of Kornmehl

Children’s Week 2020 – A Caring World Shares 

Children’s Week celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood. It is also a time for children to demonstrate their talents, skills and abilities.

Children’s Week 2020 is a wonderful opportunity to promote the rights of children and young people, and to celebrate their capacity to actively contribute to the world around them. The Children’s Week National Theme for 2020 is UNCRC Article 15 – children have the right to meet together and join groups and organisations as long as it does not stop other people from enjoying their rights. In exercising their rights, children have the responsibility to respect the rights, freedom and reputations of others.

This includes being free to:

  • meet individual people and groups of friends
  • set up an organisation
  • join an organisation
  • take part in peaceful protest
  • come together to discuss the issues that affect their lives.

The Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child were adopted in 1959 and 1989 (respectively) on the same day as Universal Children’s Day. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child protects children’s rights by setting standards in health care; education; and legal, civil and social services. In general, the Convention says that children everywhere have the right to survival; to develop to the fullest; to protection from harmful influences, abuse and exploitation; and to participate fully in family, cultural and social life.

“Rights” are things every child should have or be able to do. All children have the same rights. These rights are listed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. All the rights are connected to each other, and all are equally important. As children grow, they have more responsibility to make choices and exercise their rights.

We will be focussing over the next few weeks on Article 12: The right to Speak, Article 31: The right to play and rest and Article 19: The right to be safe – to be protected from hurt and mistreatment.

The ECA Code of Ethics also ensures, we as early childhood professionals, act in the best interests of all children and work collectively to ensure that every child is thriving and learning. The Code of Ethics is an aspirational framework for reflection about the ethical responsibilities of childhood professionals who work with, or on behalf, of children and their families. In this Code of Ethics, the protection and wellbeing of children is paramount and therefore speaking out or taking action in the presence of unethical practice is an essential professional responsibility.

The core principles in this Code of Ethics are based on the fundamental and prized values of the profession. They act to guide decision making in relation to ethical responsibilities. These core principles require a commitment to respect and maintain the rights and dignity of children, families, colleagues and communities. 

  • Each child has unique interests and strengths and the capacity to contribute to their communities. 
  • Children are citizens from birth with civil, cultural, linguistic, social and economic rights. 
  • Effective learning and teaching is characterised by professional decisions that draw on specialised knowledge and multiple perspectives. 
  • Partnerships with families and communities support shared responsibility for children’s learning, development and wellbeing. 
  • Democratic, fair and inclusive practices promote equity and a strong sense of belonging. 
  • Respectful, responsive and reciprocal relationships are central to children’s education and care. 
  • Play and leisure are essential for children’s learning, development and wellbeing. 
  • Research, inquiry and practice-based evidence inform quality education and care. 

Reference: https://www.childrensweek.org.au/about/

See this full article for a list of all the UN Rights of the Child.

World Teachers’ Day

We celebrated World Teachers’ Day on Friday – a day to acknowledge and thank all our wonderful educators for their commitment, compassion, and dedication to the Early Childhood profession. We had a lovely morning tea and coffee cart, supplied by Emanuel School.

National Bandanna Day

We collected money on Friday for Canteen, by all wearing bandannas to support Cancer research for young people. Thank you to all the Kornmehl families for all purchasing a bandanna.

Happy Birthday

This week we wish a very happy birthday to Ava Greenberg (4) and Liam Hochroth (5). We also wish a very special happy birthday to our wonderful educator Lindi Bloch. We hope you all had a beautiful birthday.