Volume 31 Issue 14 20 May 2022 19 Iyyar 5782

Israel Expo Awards 2022

Daphna Levin-Kahn – Head of Jewish Studies High School

The Year 8 Israel Expo was an amazing event – you could sense the buzz in the air with over 35 stands on a wide variety of topics, and students, staff and families coming to learn and enjoy. Over 100 votes were cast, and the results were very close!

The 2022 Emanuel’s Choice Award for Best Stand Overall goes to: Sophia Eller, Avalon Gold and Amelie Mueller for their outstanding exhibition stand on Israeli Medicine.

The award for The Most Creative Expo Stand was won by: Akeisha Kantor and Jessica Hart for their stunning exhibition stand on Feminism in Israel.

The Most Informative Expo Stand goes to: Samuel Dworkin, Gabriel Pozniak & Daniel Zipser for their absorbing exhibition stand on the Israeli Defence Forces.

The Most Relevant and Engaging Activity is awarded to: Noa Rosenzveig and Dylan Vitek for their excellent activity about the Israeli Space Program.





The 2022 Teachers’ Choice Award for Consistent Excellent Effort throughout the Expo Term is selected by each teacher to commend the sustained work and effective collaboration throughout Term 1.

This was a very tough decision this year, but the awards go to:

  • Tali Same and Suzi Garbuz focusing on Human Geography
  • Joshua Barnett, Jake Isenberg and Max Tsipris on Defence
  • Sophia Eller, Avalon Gold and Amelie Mueller for their Medicine project
  • Eva Nabarro and Hannah Rembach for Israeli Food

Kol hakavod to all!