Volume 31 Issue 11 29 Apr 2022 28 Nisan 5782

Investment Club

Gabriel Tracton

We are thrilled to announce the inception of the Emanuel School Investment Club. The School has a large number of students who are interested in the world of finance and investment which will now be catered for through our new student-driven club. 

We’re grateful for all the Year 11 and 12 students who attended our meetings in Term 1. We’ve got big things planned for Term 2!

Why the Investment Club? 

We would love to help our peers learn about career pathways and fundamental knowledge relating to finance. Our plan is to host guest speakers to share their experiences and knowledge they have gained throughout their career. Students will have the opportunity to network with experienced professionals in business and finance. Through the Investment Club, we hope to build an inclusive and meaningful culture, creating leaders for the future.



Investment Club Meetings in Term 1

Jack Smagarinsky

In Week 8, the goal of the meeting was to learn about the aims of investing and different types of Financial Markets:

  • Stock Market
  • Bonds
  • FOREX 
  • Real estate
  • Commodities

In Week 10, there was a focus on both public and private equities. Topics included:

  • Our weekly market overview: Bull vs Bear 
  • Stock market terminology: Market Capitalisation, Dividend Yield and P/E Ratio
  • Fundamental analysis vs technical analysis 
  • Private equity business model

The meeting ended with an engaging Kahoot to summarise all the new content that was discussed. 

Our next meeting is planned for Week 3 term.

We hope to see as many students as possible there,

By Jack Smagarinsky and Gabriel Tracton, Year 12
Founders of the Investment Club