Volume 24 Issue 33 28 Oct 2016 26 Tishri 5777

HSC Disabilities


Eliah Dean


Dr Lynn Joffe

2017 HSC Disability Provisions (DP) Application Process

The application process for 2017 HSC Disability Provisions will begin in Week 5.

Disability Provisions (DPs) are allowances determined by BOSTES on the basis of a detailed application to establish disadvantage through disability. The rationale for DPs is to create a level playing field for all students, taking into account any factors that potentially disadvantage them, relative to their cohort. They are not intended to provide any undue advantage.

In order to ensure fairness, information related to any disability is submitted to BOSTES and verified by a panel of experts. Teachers’ comments, observations and information about the overall performance of students are also collected and analysed as part of the application process.

As outlined at the Year 12 information evening, any student who thinks he or she might be eligible should make an appointment with Mr Dean or Dr Joffe as soon as possible.

Both individual and group sessions may be required for data collection, depending on the reason for the application. Students will be advised of times for individual sessions.

Whilst every effort will be made to use timetabled study periods for data collection, students must be prepared to meet at other times if requested, including on ‘early leave’ days (with notice).

The process of data collection and submission of applications requires rigour and can be lengthy. Students who do not adhere to the advertised timelines and notification of sessions should be aware that this might result in a delay in their applications being submitted.

Dr Lynn Joffe and Eliah Dean