Volume 31 Issue 1 04 Feb 2022 3 Adar I 5782

How was your day?

Michelle Favero – Manager of Marketing and Communications and mum of Dan, now aged 20

Did you go to the moon on a spaceship?

I remember waiting at the Waxman Gates for the bell to go, excited to hear about my son’s day. He’d just started Year K and I was curious about his day. He’d run towards me, those little legs tripping over each other and I’d ask in my most animated voice, “How was your day?”. We never really got beyond “Fine” or if I was lucky, “Good”. I made up fanciful experiences – “Did you go to the moon on a spaceship?”, “Did you learn about galaxies far, far away?” – he was, after all, obsessed with the universe. He played along, with outlandish adventures, but I knew that I was totally missing the most important question, “What did you do today at school?”. Sound familiar? 

We have the perfect way to transport you into the gates of the School, into the playground and into the classroom without you stepping out of your home or office. Never again will you have to ask, “What did you do today?”, because we’ll equip you with the superpower of all seeing and all knowing! We also have ways to connect you with our community, save time and $$.

  • Join the Principal’s Instagram page watt.s_up_at_emanuel. The name speaks for itself. To ensure your privacy, you will need to set your account to ‘private’.
  • Sign up to the School’s three Facebook pages:
    • Emanuel School Community where we share photos, tidbits, what’s up, when and how.
    • The Emanuel Shuk – with 841 members at the last count it’s the perfect place to advertise items for sale, share community info or ask for advice on camps, clubs, plumbing problems, dog groomers and more.
    • The Uniform Shuk – kids grow, they grow and then they grow some more. Head to the Uniform Shuk to find pre-loved uniforms at reasonable prices.

Boost your business

Do you own a small business or provide a professional service? Work for a retail store or run fun holiday activities for kids? We have the perfect way to spread the word to the over 600 Emanuel families. Simply complete this form with your business details and be included in our Emanuel advertising directory, Business Boost. We love to support Emanuel families, so don’t miss out on this amazing, free opportunity.

A plethora of ways to interact, be a fly on the wall and save money – welcome to Emanuel online!