Volume 30 Issue 19 25 Jun 2021 15 Tammuz 5781


Samantha Bauer and Daniel Burley

The choice to select and work on GREASE, was an easy one.

Pink Ladies, T-Birds, petticoats, bow ties, fluffy dice, twinkies and great songs! 

What’s not to love about Grease?

YES, some of the concepts in the show are dated and reflect an era that is very different to 2021. Fortunately, this proved to be an important conversation starter among the cast about the ideas in the play. As we, at Emanuel School tackle issues of consent, bullying, peer pressure and take pride in encouraging individuality, Grease spoke loudly to the cast and crew. 

The maturity and conviction with which the cast navigated the characters and their situations is to be much-admired!


We take the pressure and we throw away
Conventionality, belongs to yesterday.
There is a chance that we can make it so far,
We start believing now but we can be who we are.
Grease is the word.”

So, together with the cast, we made a few “magic changes”. Working on this production has been an extremely rewarding experience. Each week brought on new challenges and, with them, great rewards. Once we finished the choreography, sorted out the costumes, set up the giant jukebox, introduced the band, tried on costumes and applied make up, it was clear “We go Together.”

The success of this show is in no small part due to our brilliant cast and talented musicians who have worked tirelessly to give you, our audience, “The one that you want!”

We are extremely proud of our Grease team and loved sharing our production with you.

Look out for more Grease photos in Ma Nishma in Week 1 of Term 3