Volume 31 Issue 11 29 Apr 2022 28 Nisan 5782

Gratitude Day

Gratitude Day was on the last day of Term 1. This meant that Year 6 students were giving back to the Montefiore Homes.

This day involved many fun activities.

The main idea was to create an amazing box of goodies for the people in the Randwick Montefiore home for Pesach. We wanted to reconnect with the Montefiore home again.

Usually Year 6 would get to visit residents there, but, because of COVID, we have not visited the Home for a while. This didn’t stop us. Year 6 went around to all of the Primary classes and helped them make paper flowers and cards for the residents. We decorated boxes and filled them with Pesach treats. The boxes looked incredible and Year 6 enjoyed creating and making them with the rest of the Primary School!

To conclude the day, Isabelle and Rebecca from the JCA came in to explain to us the role of the JCA and what an amazing job they do to keep all the Jewish organisations in Sydney together. They explained how the JCA gives back to and helps to strengthen the community.

By Hana Hurwitz and Camilla Levine