Volume 31 Issue 29 16 Sep 2022 20 Elul 5782

Gifted & Talented

Craig Moss – Co-ordinator of Gifted & Talented 7-12

Congratulations to the Year 8 Chess Team

Well done to the Year 8 Chess A Team who reached the Semi-Final of the Metropolitan Secondary Schools Chess Competition.

After finishing first in their division during Term 2, the team progressed to the knockout stages, eventually bowing out in a very competitive semi final against Sydney Grammar. 

It has been another successful year for the team, who have been competing together since Year 5. Thanks also to Dylan Vitek who stood in as a replacement in their quarter final win against Cranbrook. 

UN Youth NSW Voice 2022 Public Speaking Competition
Expression of interest

Do you have an innovative solution that could change the world? Want to show the world that young people have big ideas too? Interested in learning new skills and being inspired? 

If yes, then you may be interested in entering the UN Youth NSW Voice 2022 Public Speaking Competition!

Voice is a unique public speaking competition that invites New South Wales High School students from Years 7-10 to solve real issues that affect our community, our country and our world. Whatever the issue may be, we want to hear you pitch your big ideas. Voice asks students to think outside the box and put their design thinking skills to the test in order to develop innovative and creative, yet feasible, solutions to real-world problems.

To find out more visit the UN Youth website. If you would like to take part, please complete this expression of interest form as soon as possible. 

FPS Community Problem Solving

Community Problem Solving is a stand out extra-curricular project run through the Future Problem Solving Program. Students select a real world problem from their community, identify a solution, and then actively implement their action plan to address the problem.

Three groups from Emanuel entered this year. Below is an example of what one group is currently doing. The final project reports are due before the end of Term 3. 

Asylum Speakers 
Let’s grow the conversation!

We are two Year 8 students who are currently doing a community problem-solving project. We are looking at how we can help refugees and asylum seekers who are in community detention and waiting for a response on their immigration application. We have a main focus on children in these situations.

Trauma that children in detention experience would scar any child for life. 

My father and brother were killed. I saw death on the way here. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have to be”, says an unaccompanied child in detention. 41% of children-asylum-seekers came to Australia because of a fear for their safety, including threats and terrorism. 

We would also like to raise awareness within our community about the hardships faced every day by young people in community detention. Our area of concern is the mental and physical well-being and the development of children (including the lack of education and how this affects them later in life). Our long term plan is to offer an after-school program entailing art, music, and sport as well as cultural and geographical excursions. This would create long-lasting opportunities for children to learn and thrive. 

If you want to support us so that asylum seeker children have the same rights and experiences as any other Australian child and learn more about this important topic please visit our Instagram page or listen to our podcast on Spotify. Both are under @asylum.speakers

Happy learning.