Volume 24 Issue 34 04 Nov 2016 3 Heshvan 5777


Sonia Newell

Sonia Newell – Development Officer

Giving Back

There are so many ways to get involved with our wonderful School.  On Wednesday afternoon we had two visitors to our campus – one a past and the other, a current parent.

Gregory Krasovitsky wanted to give back to the School in a volunteering capacity, as a way to say ‘thank you’ for the amazing opportunities the School offered to his and his wife Marlene’s sons when they were students here. Michael Krasovitsky was Head Madrich in 2005 and is now a Medical Registrar at the Prince of Wales Hospital Group, whist his brother David finished here in 2007 and is now a fully qualified Solicitor.  Gregory recently retired as a Mathematics teacher with a background also in Engineering and kindly offered to provide Mathematics mentoring to some of our High School students. Head of Mathematics, Michelle Lyons-Zwarenstein arranged that Gregory would run some ongoing sessions once-a-week with a small group of Year 10 students and on Wednesday afternoon, Joshua Amoils had a one-on-one session with Gregory. Joshua says: “The problem solving and geometry that Gregory introduced me to is a new way of logical and creative thinking that I’ve never seen in curriculum Mathematics. The development of this skill leads to insights and innovative, exciting solutions to problems. I am excited to work further with Gregory”.

Natalie Knoll, a successful business woman and wife of our Gesher Committee Chair and Board Member Daniel Knoll, spoke to our Year 12 Business Studies students about entrepreneurship and business, highlighting the road to success of Bird & Knoll www.birdandknoll.com . Natalie engaged the students in her story about building a business and about her formal studies and previous work in her journey to now, with the students asking lots of interesting and relevant questions.  

Chloe Corne
Natalie Knoll provided our business class with a real-life example and understanding of how a business functions. She enabled us to apply our knowledge and made some valuable points that will help us to write and excel in our upcoming exams. 

Pnina Hagage
Natalie was the perfect insight to a practical example of a business that became successful in a very short time. Whilst we as students have a long way to go, she had great advice that allowed us to access words of wisdom that no textbook could ever provide. Thanks Natalie! 



Joshua Amoils and Gregory Krasovitsky


Natalie Knoll Pnina Hagage and Jordan Fidler wearing Bird & Knoll scarves


Unfortunately we have had to cancel our Nine and Dine golf event scheduled for 17 November due to poor registration numbers.  We are however, planning some very exciting School community events for 2017 and hope you will join us for them. Stay tuned!  

If you have some news you would like to share, please send to: snewell@emanuelschool.nsw.edu.au