Volume 24 Issue 33 28 Oct 2016 26 Tishri 5777


Sonia Newell

Sonia Newell – Development Officer

Nine and Dine – Bookings are now open. Don’t miss out.

We hope you will join us on Thursday 17 November for a fun afternoon of golf followed by BBQ dinner – see the poster below for details.  All levels of play are welcome.  Bookings: tinyurl.com/Gesher-Nine-and-Dine

Many of our graduates leave our campus after finishing school to return at some stage down the track – perhaps to help with various school-based activities and/or for particular events. Others return as parents having enrolled their own children as students at the School.  We currently have a very special group of five alumni who are now here as members of staff.  The latest alum recruit is Daniel Samowitz (Class of 2004) who wrote an entertaining article in last week’s Ma Nishma titled Jewish Life Madrich.  Katie Narunsky, a Primary Teacher, graduated in 1989 in the very first Emanuel School Year 12 graduating year. Katie is also a school parent, with her three children here as current students. Talia Hynek (Class of 2008) is one of our Year 1 teachers whilst Genna Radnan (Class of 2009) is our School Nurse and Adam Ezekiel (Class of 2007) teaches PDHPE and sport.


Left to right: Daniel Samowitz, Talia Hynek, Katie Narunsky, Genna Radnan and Adam Ezekiel