Volume 31 Issue 22 29 Jul 2022 1 Av 5782

From the Year 6 House Captains

This year the 3-6 Athletics Carnival was a blast! Students competed in all different types of activities like the 200m and 100m sprints, high jump, long jump, discus and shot put. Everyone had so much fun competing against each other and sitting in the stands cheering on their friends. 

Towards the end of the carnival Ms Genc, Mr Taylor and the Year 6 staff had a surprise for all the Year 6 students. The teachers organised a relay between the three Year 6 classes. We ran back and forth with a baton and it wasn’t over until every student had ran! Everyone participated and got involved. There was so much House spirit, and everyone enthusiastically cheered each other on. It was a great day filled with friendly competition between the years, and everyone had a phenomenal time!

By Arlo Broughton-Oshlack, Cooper Adler, Tia Camiller, Noaa Smily, Joshua Greengarten, Lexi Butt, Noah Kessell, Yasmine Fisher, Cameron Barel, Grace Lyons, Jacob Yakubson and Maia Sharabi
Year 6 House Captains