Volume 31 Issue 19 24 Jun 2022 25 Sivan 5782

From the Principal

Andrew Watt – Principal

Moving to a new Canteen team 

Sadly, our wonderful Canteen team have indicated that they are finishing up at the end of Term 3. Miriam and Gayle, together with their team of Margaret, Andy and other fabulous helpers, have worked tirelessly to provide our staff and students with a varied, healthy and delicious menu of snacks and lunches, aligned to our Kashrut Policy. We have been blessed with outstanding food and service for many years now, and the Canteen team will depart with our sincere best wishes for a more restful future! We will be advertising within the Emanuel School community shortly, in the hope of receiving Expressions of Interest to run our Canteen from Term 4 onwards. Miriam and Gayle have generously offered to provide a detailed handover.

Our magnificent music program

Like sport, music enjoys a high profile at Emanuel, with a significant number of students participating in bands, choirs, ensembles, individual tutorials and music classes. Our K-12 music program is one of the key features in the life of our School, providing students with a range of benefits including:

  • An appreciation of the art and beauty of music
  • Promoting discipline and perseverance
  • Reducing stress and improving mood
  • Providing an outlet for creativity
  • Developing skills in teamwork and collaboration
  • Enhancing memory and hand-eye coordination.

Over the years, we have supported many very impressive musicians. Our Music Department has long-fostered a capacity for musical autonomy in our students. This is most evident in nights like House Music and the Talent Quest at Music Camp where students create and share their music together.

Many students complete their A Mus and L Mus when they are young but stop once the musical structures of school are no longer available to them. They are nervous to play with others, or even for family and friends at social gatherings. Our students love playing and making music together and will be ‘jamming’ with new friends long after they leave school. The Music Team, over the years, has encouraged independence, knowing that experimentation plays an important role in music development.

We are very thankful for our music team.

Annual Music Camp 

Our Music Camp was held for over 200 students in Years 4 to 12, with students from Mount Sinai College joining us. Lake Macquarie Outdoor Recreation Centre was a wonderful venue, with plenty of play space, rehearsal space and lakeside views. The program from Monday to Wednesday was a great mix of workshops, rehearsals, performances and free time activities. Learning and performing music in a relaxed setting is hard to beat! Our thanks to Diana Springford and her Music staff team: Danny Burley, Adam Majsay, Remington Owen and Sarit Spira. Thanks also to our peripatetic team and team of teachers, who supervised our students 24/7.

Music Camp Showcase Concert 

The last Music Camp Showcase for our Year 12 students – what wonderful memories they will carry with them.

This special event was held on Thursday evening, with our tired campers lifting for the culmination of the week’s rehearsals. The audience was blown away by the quality of the performances, with observable increments of skill, poise and confidence, as each age group progressed onto the stage. We owe a debt of gratitude to our committed Music Department, with special thanks to concert organisers, Jo De Araujo and Diana Springford.

Lexi Bader Futsal Cup Finals 

The Inter-House competition was fiercely contested this year, with plenty of spectators supporting their House team. The finals in each of the three divisions were held on Wednesday, with Meir emerging as impressive victors in the Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 competitions. A clean sweep by one House in the senior divisions is rare! Mazal tov to all who played in the finals; each game was of a very high standard. Thank you to the competition organisers and officials, led by Talia Kleviansky, Layla Goldberg, Tammy Kurlansky and the Sport Va’ad, on a seamless and enjoyable competition worthy of Lexi’s memory. We look forward to the Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 competition finals next week.

JCA EOFY fundraising drive 

For over 50 years, JCA and its supported organisations have been meeting the needs of our community. Covering programs and services across aged & community care; culture, engagement & outreach; Jewish education; history and heritage; and security & advocacy everyone is touched in one way or another.  As we reach the end of the financial year, your support of the JCA  will help us to sustain and strengthen our community for generations to come. it’s so easy to donate, just click here.

We need you!

Every morning and afternoon you will have noticed a group of dedicated parents patrolling Avoca, Stanley and Market Streets. They are the eyes and ears of our School, helping to ensure the safety of our community. As we prepare for Term 3, the Parent Safety Group (PSG) needs your help – a one hour commitment once a term in the morning (7.30 am – 8.30 am) or afternoon (3.00 pm – 4.00 pm) makes a significant difference.

All it takes is 60 minutes once every 10 weeks to help us keep your children and the community safe. Please register here today – we need you!

Mazal tov 

So many wonderful sporting achievements this week! Mazal tov to:

  • our Year 10A Netball team won their Grand Final against St Catherine’s by one goal
  • our 1sts Rugby team defeated Grammar 3rds in a trial match in the lead up to the David Horowitz Cup in Term 3
  • our Junior Boys took home the Sydney Schools Cup Futsal Competition, defeating Moriah 1-0 to finish the season undefeated
  • Daniel Alull Orozco, Rohan Britton, Riley Carr, Aviv Farhy, Jack Kessell, Daniel Newfield, Jake Newfield, Aaron Pal, Rebecca Salamon, Isaac Shammay and Noah Sherman who were selected to compete at the AICES Cross Country Championships.

Quote of the week

“Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.” ~ Sarah Dessen, author