Volume 30 Issue 32 29 Oct 2021 23 Heshvan 5782

From the Principal

Andrew Watt – Principal

The sounds of silence are no more (apologies to Simon and Garfunkel)

I was delighted to see the smiling faces of the students returning to campus on Monday. The sounds of delight from the playgrounds during recess and lunch are a reminder of how much we all missed being together. Welcome back everyone!

Return to school COVID-19 information webinar

Our Medical Advisory Panel and SAT recently presented a Q&A webinar for our staff, answering questions around vaccinations, mask wearing, ventilation, cohorting and other infection control measures. The information provided by our medical experts was research-based and well explained, with practical applications. Many of the concerns raised by our staff would also be commonly asked questions across our community, and well worth watching. The webinar can be viewed here.

High School vaccination rates

Our survey of High School families has revealed a pleasingly high rate of student vaccinations. The survey results are shared below. Please be aware that, as the survey was anonymous, and proof of vaccination was not required, there is a chance that these results are not entirely accurate. Additionally, some families chose not to complete the survey. If these results are accurate, our vaccination rates are high, affording a large measure of protection to adult members of our school community, where the impact of COVID-19 infection can be more serious.

To date, 87% of our students are double vaccinated, with 3% single vaccinated: a total of 91% vaccinated. Parents have indicated that 3% of our students are not vaccinated and the remaining 7% have not responded to the survey.

A special moment 

Today we received a very special pledge of $10 from Nathan Prosser in Year 3. He (or his parents) photocopied the pledge card from their B’yachad Box so his pledge was independent of the family’s. We are truly grateful to Nathan for his generosity. If you have not yet donated to the Capital Appeal, there is still time to do so. Visit ourbrightfuture.com.au to donate online or email capitalappeal@emanuelschool.nsw.edu.au

Looking towards their bright future 

Primary students dressed up in colourful clothes today to celebrate their bright future. Anticipating the sunny day, the students were each given a pair of Capital Appeal sunnies to round off the theme. 

High School annual presentation of prizes on Thursday 9 December

With the uncertainty surrounding what the Public Health Orders and NSW Health Guideline will permit in December, a decision has been made to move our Speech Night from the Sir Tom Clancy Auditorium at the UNSW, to the Lehrer Family Building (MPH). The event will commence at 2.00 pm, with a combination of a live-and-live-streamed audience.

Michael Milton in action at the Paralympic Games

Our guest speaker for the evening is Michael Milton – a skier, cyclist, trekker, triathlete, runner, world and Australian record holder, Paralympian and Olympian. Michael has experienced moments of great triumph and devastating loss. I am sure he will inspire us all with his story of resilience and strength.

More information about the event will follow closer to the date when we find out whether parents are allowed on campus and the physical distancing requirements. Regardless of the level of restrictions, we will enjoy a special end of year event. Please place the date and time in your diary!

In memory of Lexi Bader z”l

Next Tuesday marks the anniversary of Lexi’s tragic passing. This week I stopped for a few moments at the olive tree near the Avoca Street gate that we planted in Lexi’s memory. It is a constant physical reminder of a young man whose life was cut short too soon. We wish Teoh and his family long life. May Lexi’s memory be for a blessing.

Mazal tov

Our team of 19  students who entered the Future Problem Solving Program (FPS) came home with a number of honours.

  • A special mazal tov to Ruby Brody and Eden Levit, Year 10, for their combined 1st place in the National Finals of the FPS Program’s Community Problem Solving Competition (Senior Division).
  • Eden also excelled at the FPS Scenario Performance (Individual) – Senior Division, once again placing 1st.

Both students have been invited to travel to America to attend the prestigious FPS Program International Conference in 2022.

Quote of the week

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” ~ Albert Einstein