Volume 31 Issue 20 30 Jun 2022 1 Tammuz 5782

From the Investment Club

In the last couple weeks the Investment Club has been utterly privileged to hear from inspiring guest speakers who are highly respected in the investment field: Grant McCorquodale and Russel Pillemer.

In Week 8, students were thrilled to have been provided the opportunity to hear about Grant’s many years of experience working as the Head of Macquarie’s Private Bank and recently co-founding Parc Capital. Grant ‘s presentation – “A few themes to consider as you embark on investing” –  highlighted relevant economic news and the importance of investing to support yourself after retirement. He also discussed the recent trends in interest rates which will increase housing affordability into the future as well as the fundamentals behind venture capital investing. 

Grant McCorquodale

This Monday, the Investment Club was fortunate enough to host the long-awaited guest speaker, Russel Pillemer, who talked about his experiences as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and his co-founding of Pengana Capital Group in 2003. Russel impressed the students with his involvement in raising capital for Elon Musk’s company PayPal ($350 million at the time) while working in New York. When Russel questioned Elon on how the company was going to make money, Elon stated, “I don’t know”. Russel drew connections to the current state of the economy where investors “didn’t care about profits they only cared about growth”. PayPal miraculously survived the dotcom bubble and is now worth just shy of $90 billion. Russel provided students with the invaluable tips that helped him get to the top of investment banking and funds management. The meeting ended with the opportunity for students to ask questions.

Russel Pillemer

By Gabriel Tracton and Jack Smagarinsky
Founders of the Investment Club