Volume 31 Issue 24 12 Aug 2022 15 Av 5782

Enjoying a Good Debate

Jessica Dworkin

In Years 5-6 IPSHA Debating Club, the students have been using their knowledge to create convincing arguments in all the debates. We have been debating against schools such as Cranbrook, Kambala and SCEGGS. Some debates we host in the Innovation Centre and others we attend at other schools. We work together as a team to get our speeches in top form for the day of the debate. 

There have been five rounds so far. Two debates run at the same time in two different rooms for each round. For each round, we prepare an affirmative case and a negative case. Out of all debates so far, we have won five out of eight! No matter the result, we are always glad that we put in our best effort  – which matters the most to us.

We love getting together every Tuesday and Friday to discuss and work on our speeches as a team while getting to know each other on a deeper level. 

Even though our official debates against other schools may be concluding at the end of this term, we will continue to work hard on our impromptu debates next term. We will also attend an IPSHA Debating Gala Day where we will mix with lots of primary schools and participate in debates with only one hour to plan, write, prepare and compete.

Mrs Butler works hard with us every week providing us with time to work, practise and ask for help. As a collective team, we all work very hard to create a supportive environment where we can ask for help, practise, have fun and be ourselves.