Volume 31 Issue 12 06 May 2022 5 Iyyar 5782

Duke of Edinburgh

Head of PDHPE and Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
Bronze Adventurous Journey 

Congratulations to the 43 Year 9 students who completed the challenging Bronze Award two day camp on Thursday and Friday last week.

This journey took place in the Heathcote National Park, with students hiking approximately 12km each day whilst carrying all their camping gear, clothing, food and water.

Students had to cope with some difficult conditions – rain during most of Thursday and some very wet trails and a very sodden campsite.

The students managed all of these challenges with good spirits and should be very proud of their efforts.

Many thanks to Ms Scahill and Mr Peacock who volunteered to join us on the first of two Bronze Award Adventurous Journeys that we will complete this year.