Volume 30 Issue 29 08 Oct 2021 2 Heshvan 5782

Coffee anyone?

Michelle Favero, Capital Appeal Director and Manager, Marketing & Communications

A weak hazelnut soy latte, extra hot with one Equal (not Stevia please)

It’s been a while since I sat down for a cuppa. I’m starting dream about coffee with friends – three of us sipping our gourmet treats, sharing our trials and tribulations while the world rushes by at a much faster pace than we’ve become used to.

I’m one of those people whose coffee order results in excessive eye rolls – “I’ll have a weak hazelnut soy latte, extra hot with one Equal (not Stevia please)”. This ultimately results in a coffee that costs at least $5, but it leaves me smiling – so worth it. I may, at times (and especially during the lead up to the Capital Appeal), treat myself to another weak hazelnut soy latte, extra hot with one Equal (not Stevia please) later in the day (but before 4.00 pm – I do love my sleep). 

Over the past months you will have seen many articles, social media posts, videos, adverts and emails about the Capital Appeal and state-of-the-art building that with transform our campus and help create our bright future. You may also be one of the 800 people who will be together online next week Sunday for Emanuel B’yachad. What you may not know, though, is that the equivalent of a single weak hazelnut soy latte, extra hot with one Equal (not Stevia please) a day, over three years, equates to just over $5,000 – that’s a lot of coffee. If every Emanuel family swapped their one coffee a day for those three years, we’d raise over $3 million. Not only would you be making a huge difference to the future of our children and community, you’d also be reducing your caffeine intake – it’s a true win:win! Stephen Covey would be proud!

Stairs to the Future

Artist’s impression of the Stairs to the Future

If coffee’s not your thing, you may consider naming one of our Stairs to the Future – these 48 stairs connect the ground floor spaces and classrooms in our newly developed building to that of the first and second floors. Your children will literally be climbing the stairs to their futures every day.

The number 18 in gematria equals chai/life. Not by chance, one Stair to the Future could be yours to name for your children or family or to recognise a loved one, for $18,000. Each stair will feature a favourite children’s book – the Harry Potter stairs are sure to be popular!

We still have a number of stairs looking for families who want to take the step to celebrate their children and the community’s future. Should you wish to discuss this further, please email capitalappeal@emanuelschool.nsw.edu.au and we’ll be in contact. We may even enjoy a coffee together!