Volume 30 Issue 16 04 Jun 2021 24 Sivan 5781

Children’s Ground

From the Primary Tzedakah Leaders

As Tzedakah Leaders we organise charities, raise money, communicate awareness about charitable topics and so much more. Our goal is to help as many charities as possible and raise money for those in need. Every dollar we raise goes to assist those less fortunate than ourselves.

During Term 1, the Tzedakah Leaders and the Jewish Life Leaders came together to organise JNF day. We all came to school in blue, green and brown clothes and brought a gold coin to raise money to build a prosperous future for the Land of Israel. 

On Friday 19 March 2021 (Term 1), the Tzedakah Leaders held a fundraiser and awareness for the charity, Close the Gap. We asked that students in the Primary School bring in a gold coin. As well as bringing in a monetary donation, the Primary School had the amazing opportunity to create a cut-out hand. Students decorated these hands with the colours black, yellow and red to support Aboriginal Rights. All the hands were put on display where everyone could see to represent Hands up for Support. As the Tzedakah Leaders, we were and continue to be eager to share our passion about the need to support improvement of issues for Indigenous Australians with health, education and much more. From this charity, Close the Gap, we raised a huge total of $244.35. 

On Friday 28 May 2021 (Term 2), we held a charity event for the Children’s Ground, in conjunction with Reconciliation Week and all of the other important events happening to raise awareness about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues. Children’s Ground charity helps Aboriginal communities in the areas of learning and wellbeing, family health, economic development, community development as well as culture and creative developments. Students were asked to wear yellow clothes or accessories to raise awareness for Children’s Ground. We also asked for a gold coin to go towards the charity. It was incredible to see everyone supporting the charity by wearing yellow and bringing a gold coin. 

We look forward to supporting more charities and raising money for everyone in need.

By Max Demos, Joshua Greenfield, Chloe Ginzberg, Indigo Joseph-Steward
Year 6 Tzedakah Leaders