Volume 30 Issue 29 08 Oct 2021 2 Heshvan 5782


Diana Springford – Head of Music

Welcome back to Term 4! Private music tuition, ISP and Instrumental Program (IP) classes have all resumed as of the first day of term.

Private Music Tuition and Infant Strings Program

Schedules for Private Music Tuition and Infant Strings Program have been emailed to parents, using the same link as previous terms, so you should all be able to access and bookmark your schedules on your device. Tutor Zoom ID codes are embedded at the top right of each Private Tuition Schedule.

Ensembles and Choirs are differently different this term 

Last term we had weekly materials posted every week on Reshet or Stile that any ensemble or choir member could access, whenever they liked, depending upon their interest or inclination. This term, with the vague promise of being able to rehearse in real groups one day, we are planning specific projects for singers/instrumentalists that resemble their old ensembles/choirs and that will turn into rehearsals once we are allowed to rehearse. Currently the projection is that we return to school at Level 3+ conditions. Level 3+ conditions state that NO ensembles or choirs may rehearse, no matter how innocuous the instrument. So, we wait for an announcement about ensembles and choirs with bated breath and are poised to begin again whenever that announcement is made. 

Projects for Stage Based Groups – two options for each Stage

For choirs, string ensembles, concert bands and small bands, there will be a project for each of you that can turn into stage-based rehearsals once we are allowed to rehearse. These projects will have the bulk of learning materials posted in Week 2 for students to access and rehearse as they like, in preparation for rehearsals that might happen from Week 5. These projects include stage-based projects for ensembles of body percussion, standard percussion instruments and cup percussion, virtual choir projects, and stage-based string ensembles, rock bands and jazz bands.

Learning to Improvise Course – for Stage 2-5 instrumentalists

For any instrumentalist who is interested in learning to improvise (beginners, novices and experienced players), we will have a scaffolded improvisation course run by Eamon Penner-Dilworth, Matilda Grieve and Marty Farrugia on Stile (for Primary School) and Reshet (for High School).

  • Current members of choirs and ensembles will be emailed the information pertinent to them.
  • Stile and Reshet are now updated according to Term 4 plans.
  • Click here for full explanations and a schedule of projected rehearsal times for when we can rehearse.
  • If you are not a current ensemble or choir member but would like to be added to these courses/projects, please email Ms Springford.