Volume 31 Issue 22 29 Jul 2022 1 Av 5782


Claire Pech – Careers Advisor

This term begins the busiest term in the Year 12 calendar from a careers perspective. Students are applying to UAC and finalising the administration associated for applications. Students are also finalising their early entry applications with Macquarie University, UTS and any other Universities that are of interest to them.

I give a big push to students to get out to all of the Open Days that are on offer this term. This is a crucial piece of the careers jigsaw puzzle, needed to make some decisions. At the moment most students have a few ideas of the courses and institutions they are interested in. They have read about these courses from a website or a brochure. When a student enters a campus, attends a lecture, hears from other current students and hangs out in the cafés – this is where real decisions are made. August and September tend to be the most dominant open day months, so I encourage all students, (and parents or siblings) to attend to see what all these great institutions have to offer.

A special mention needs to go to the following students who put themselves forward for opportunities during the holidays:

  • Jesse Herdan made it to the highly coveted Tuckwell Scholarship finals with ANU. He made it through two rigorous rounds of scholarship applications, to beat a highly competitive field to make it to the Tuckwell interview stage held over three days in Canberra. Whilst he didn’t make the final cut of 25 applicants, he was part of the top 50 and has been awarded the High Achievers Scholarship for ANU. He should be very proud of how far he made it with such tough competition
  • Gabriel Tracton and Jack Smagarinsky were interviewed by the Cadetships Australia group seeking working cadetships at some highly-coveted financial institutions once they leave school. It is great to see students getting involved in these opportunities that will stand to them as them embark on their careers.

Dates, links and events


PricewaterhouseCoopers’s Information Session for Apprenticeships is being held on Thursday 18 August at 5.30 pm. Please register here. I am seeing a growing interest in mixing work and studying and these types of roles are highly sought after. 

Sydney University events

Studying Languages and Cultures at Sydney: How, why and where it can take you
Wednesday 3 August 2022 4.00 pm – 4.30 pm

Dr Matthew Shores will take students through study options, from specialising in languages to incorporating languages into other degrees. He will introduce their two-week immersive in-country units, and share alumni stories to show how languages and cultures can open doors to exciting careers. More information and registration can be found here.

Pathways to Global Literacy: What is Area Studies and why should you study it?
Wednesday 24 August 2022 4.00 pm – 4.30 pm

This session introduces Area Studies, a university study option for students hoping to build on Society and Culture, History or language studies. Area Studies focuses on the past and present society and culture of one particular region, such as Asia, Europe, Latin America or the Middle East. Their experts will give an overview of Area Studies and its benefits, and introduce selected Area Studies offerings. More information and registration can be found here.

Camp Sababa

Last week our students heard about the fabulous Camp Sababa week long camp held each year. Our students have always played a key role in the camp and anyone from Year 12 who is interested can sign up here.