Volume 31 Issue 13 13 May 2022 12 Iyyar 5782


Claire Pech – Careers Advisor

Kathryn Taylor from Turning Point Consulting came out and spoke to our students this week.

Kathryn is a very experienced Careers Practitioner, who works with many schools across NSW. She shared a lot of her insights with our Year 12s about how to plan, how to investigate and research and how to identify what is important in these choices.

Depending on what type of style of investigator you are – you will approach researching your future differently. It may be helpful to know and identify which way you and others approach this. 

The Australian Qualifications Framework showcases the myriad of options available. As always, there is more flexibility than you think. Leaving school, getting a certificate and then a diploma can put you well on your way to a Bachelors and Masters degree. We will start to see a lot more graduates who will have multi disciplinary qualifications – perhaps with a Bachelors degree in Engineering and then a TAFE-based qualification in something more specific. The more varied your qualifications are, the wider and more interesting your skill set is.



Kathryn talked a lot about applied learning. How can students show their learning when they come out of the tertiary landscape? The answer is to show you have applied that learning either at an internship, in your weekend part-time job, in your new start-up, in a committee you are part of, or any area of the world of work that you can showcase what you learnt. This was great advice for our students to hear.

Early Offers

This week I recorded an Early Entry Process webinar for parents. You can also access the slides with live links.This is probably the quickest way to get a handle on the options that are out there!