Volume 31 Issue 3 18 Feb 2022 17 Adar I 5782


Claire Pech – Careers Advisor

This week, the Year 10s performed a series of Career Tests with the career profiling agency, Career Avenues. More information can be found here.

Each year students sit these tests which can be used for years into the future and hold some interesting insights into who we are, how we work, our interests (current) and what type of jobs we love, and hate (the interest inventory).

I am asked regularly about the validity or career tests and while no careers profiling test is perfect, it can give great insights for now and into the future. It is also a great conversation starter for Year 10s as they start to think about subject selections for Year 11 and Year 12.

How is different to other forms of profiling, from the Career Avenues website?

Our report is not simply computer generated. Each report is individually reviewed by a careers professional to ensure personality style, reasoning strengths, interests, individual context and career possibilities are cohesive.

Unlike other programs, ours has been designed and developed over many years for the Australian education system and is supported by local counsellors knowledgeable in modern career pathways.

Within a school environment, we work closely to ensure the program aligns with the needs of the school, is integrated with broader Career Education and Development activities, is supported by contemporary theory and clearly maps to the Australian Blueprint for Career Development framework.

Year 12

This week I covered the Early Offer Programs available for the Year 12. There are many options out there to secure early offers based on a variety of factors, notable Year 11 marks and sometimes extra curricular activities.

For our Class of 2021 Early Offers were plentiful and as new schemes came on the market due to COVID disruptions our students were able to grab these courses at these universities:

These courses were based on the following subjects:

The Early Offer schemes have changed from only nine systems pre-2021 to 44 in the last year. This has been a huge change in how admissions works across Australia and has significant impact to our students and widens their pool of choices, options and also methods of entry.

Notices, events and dates

Something I am asked about is the make up of the ATAR and often there are misconceptions about it. For more information click here with a great video comparing the ATAR to the City to Surf.  The comparison makes it much clearer to understand from a ranking perspective (which is usually what confuses people).

University rankings

This is a good website that can help look at ranks of universities both here and overseas.

See how Australian Universities compare on the world stage here.

Study Medicine – 56 Australian university degree paths to becoming a doctor

This website compares degree’s side by side and about the variety of Medical schools in Australia.