Volume 30 Issue 25 20 Aug 2021 12 Elul 5781


Claire Pech – Careers Advisor

At the moment, universities, just like the rest of us, are facing unusual times. I am keeping up to date with any changes that are on the university and tertiary landscape and my one piece of advice to all of Year 12 – as I have said often, is to make sure students have applied for early offers if they are eligible for their chosen courses. Each university will have changing deadlines, so students need to make sure they are tracking these processes and taking responsibility for their own applications. Here is the full list and it is updated constantly with new date changes.

This is also another great time to remind Year 11s that they will most certainly be able to use their exam results coming up next year for this process. UTS already announced this week, that their early entry process will be in place next year and the current Year 11s will be able to use their results as access points.

With trials currently on for Year 12s, coming out of Week 7 will be a good time to finalise a UTS Early Offer Application, ticking off the SRS boxes in UAC, along with any other programs of interest and/or completing an Educational Access Scheme Application. It is worth noting, when I check my stats for last year, that over half of the Year Group had an early tertiary offer before the main round of offers came out in December. Often these offers are not a student’s first preference, but they are great for some reassurances in a time with a lot of uncertainty and instability.

UTS confirmed this week that they will look at the student’s Year 11 grades (they do their own calculations to create a Year 11 university selection rank) and will convert this to a full offer once the student achieves an ATAR of 69 (70 for Education).

UTS Early Entry Dates


University of Sydney | Discovering Advanced Computing

Wednesday 1 September 2021, 4.00 pm – 4.30 pm webinar

This webinar will cover the Bachelor of Advanced Computing, the career outcomes and professional accreditation.

University of Sydney | Experience in Engineering

Wednesday 1 September 2021, 4.45 pm – 5.15 pm

Learn about industry engagement at the Faculty of Engineering, the professional engagement program and scholarships. 

UAC Digital | Let’s Chat – Alternative pathways to university

Tuesday 7 September 2021, 6.00 pm

Pathway courses are for applicants who don’t meet the minimum requirements for entry into a bachelor’s degree. Learn about certificate, diploma and preparation courses. 

Jobs for Year 12 

Paramount Recruitment in Double Bay is offering positions in the Real Estate industry. For more information please contact them here.

Careers for people on the Autism Spectrum – register for a free upcoming webinar for Thursday 2 September 2021 to learn about career planning. This is a webinar for both people with ASD, their parents, families and support givers.