Volume 30 Issue 17 11 Jun 2021 1 Tammuz 5781


Claire Pech – Careers Advisor

Many Year 12 students attended the HSC and Careers Expo last week. It is great to hear students this week starting to put plans in place, to make more concrete decisions in the not too distant future.

Kathryn Taylor – Turning Point Consulting

These decisions will change over time, but starting this process can sometimes be the hardest part. I can now hear students discussing some intricacies of degrees, comparing which tertiary institutions they prefer and starting to fine tune their preferences.

Next week we have Kathryn Taylor from Turning Point Consulting coming to speak to our Year 12 about how to make the best decisions for their own path. After that, we host Sydney University and that will complete the Term 2 speakers for the year.  We are on a slide to the end of Year 12 and time flies past!

Notices, articles and dates


I get asked about Criminology a lot. I think some students who watch shows like CSI think a future studying this is going to be like the show. You can now attend a webinar about studying Criminology at ACU. UTS have also just announced a new degree called a Bachelor of Criminology, to be released for 2022.


Why study an Arts degree? This question is asked often – especially “what type of job can I get from an Arts degree?”. I always refer back to this article by the Dean of Arts Faculty at Sydney University titled “10 ways an Arts degree can change the world”.  ACU is putting on a webinar at the end of the month showcasing their art courses.

Torrens University

Students were asking about this new private institution after they attended the HSC Expo. Their Business Information Night is being held on Tuesday 29 June 2021 from 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm. Torrens University is a private institution that houses a number of smaller private colleges including Billy Blue College of Design. It has been around since 2013 and considers itself an International University. To date, they have 300 courses on offer and have just announced there is not going to be an ATAR requirement to get in. They also are opening up a Surry Hills campus on Foveaux Street with State of the Art facilities. More information here for Design courses. The early application process has more details.

Year 10 subject selections

Now that we have completed our subject selection evening and process, we had a Q&A session this week and students are starting to put their lists together. UNSW have created a Maths grid for advising students on what Maths level to choose.

UTS update for 2022

UTS is one of our most popular universities and this year they have made some more adjustments to their entry schemes. I have been through this with Year 12, but parents may want clarification.

Newcastle Medicine update

Newcastle University and the Joint Medicine Program have updates and webinars about their process

Exercise Physiology vs Exercise Science?

I am loving this new health careers portal for everything you need to know about a future career in the health industry (an area of constant demand and growth). You can find out more information here regarding how exercise physiologists and exercise scientists work.