Volume 30 Issue 3 12 Feb 2021 30 Shevat 5781


Claire Pech – Careers Advisor

Seven work myths

Mythbusting with WorkStudyGrow is a great article busting some work myths, with some excellent links to work statistics and figures:

  1. It’s only ‘work’ if you earn an income from it
  2. Salary is the most important thing (this is something that comes up often)
  3. What you know is more important that who you know
  4. You’re not supposed to like your job
  5. Everyone has to work
  6. Once I get my dream job, I’ll be happy
  7. I need to work out what I want to do when I grow up first

Anyone at any stage of their career can gain some insights from this article. Number seven is most pertinent to our school students.

Articles, notices, dates and links

This week I spoke to Year 10 about the Career Avenues process. My slides can be found here.

Mental health matters: for any tips with stress this year and contacts of where to go for help.

Tuckwell Scholarship at ANU: for any ambitious students who are dedicated to giving back to society within Australia, this is the scholarship for you. 

Some medicine-related links:

  1. Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine – The University of Sydney 
  2. Study Medicine 
  3. Your free guide to a career in medicine – My Health Career 
  4. UCAT ANZ 2021 | UCAT Consortium 
  5. Australian Career Services – The best universities to study mathematics in 2021 

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