Volume 31 Issue 27 02 Sep 2022 6 Elul 5782

Athletics news

Kristy Genc – Director of Sports K-12

Athletics news 

Over recent weeks, Emanuel students have engaged in the Representative Athletics Carnivals with great enthusiasm and amazing results. 

The Primary Athletics Team competed at the ASISSA Athletics Carnival at ES Marks Athletics Track in Week 6. Congratulations to all 34 team members on their effort and for representing the School with great spirit at this yearly event.

A special mention to the students below who placed in their events and to Stuart Taylor who convened the ASISSA carnival: 

  • Akira Aronstan: 2nd in 100m
  • Arlo Broughton-Oshlack: 1st in high jump, 3rd in discus, 3rd in shot put
  • Tamar Granot: 1st in long jump
  • Netali Jadouin: 3rd in long jump
  • Noah Kessel: 2nd in 800m, 2nd in long jump
  • Sophia Kirievskaya: 3rd in discus
  • Joshua Marishel: 2nd in 800m 
  • Ryan Miller: 3rd in 100m, 3rd in 4 x 100m relay 
  • Dylan Pal: 3rd in discus 
  • Brody Reid: 3rd in 4 x 100m relay 
  • Jake Shilbury: 3rd in 4 x 100m relay 
  • Aviv Smily: 3rd in 4 x 100m relay 

Last Thursday, the High School Athletics Team had an amazing day at the CDSSA Athletics Championships, following many weeks of early morning training sessions with Head of Athletics, Jordan William, at ES Marks Athletics Track. The Emanuel team consisted of 52 students from Years 7-12, and it was particularly pleasing to see our Year 12 students enjoy the day. The Emanuel Senior Boys relay team won the 4 x 100m relay in what was a great team effort and a spectacular finish by Zac Urbach. 

Congratulations to the following students who were named the CDSSA Athletics Age Champions: 

  • Aden Goodridge
  • Shai Farhy 
  • Eden Levit 

Eden Levit had a wonderful all round performance, winning all five of her events and breaking the CDSSA records in the 100m, 200m, long jump and high jump. Well done to Zac Urbach who also showed great speed, breaking the 200m record. 

A special to mention to the following students on their achievements: 

  • Emma Butt: 3rd in javelin
  • Riley Carr: 2nd in 800m
  • Avalon Gold: 1st in long jump, 3rd in high jump
  • Aden Goodridge: 2nd in 3000m, 2nd in long jump, 3rd in 200m, 3rd in high jump, 3rd in 100m, 2nd in 400m
  • Boaz Hadad: 2nd in discus
  • Shai Farhy: 1st in long jump, 2nd in high jump, 1st in 100m, 
  • Hayley Kanevsky: 2nd in javelin
  • Alexander Kirievsky: 1st in discus, 2nd in javelin, 1st in shot put
  • Eden Levit: 1st in 200m, 1st in long jump, 1st in high jump, 1st 100m, 1st in 400m
  • Indigo Trope: 3rd in javelin
  • Eli Jocum: 3rd in 400m
  • Violet Nathanson: 2nd in 3000m
  • Chelsea Opit: 1st in javelin, 3rd in shot put
  • Joshua Ottaviano: 1st in high jump,  
  • Calliope Owen: 1st in long jump
  • Aaron Pal: 3rd in high jump, 2nd in 800m, 2nd in 1500m
  • Becky Salamon: 2nd in high jump
  • Layla Aronstan: 3rd in long jump
  • Ben Shapiro: 2nd in 800m, 2nd in 400m
  • Tayah Starkey: 3rd in high jump
  • Jake Newfield: 2nd in 400m
  • Samara Strougar: 1st in long jump, 3rd in 100m, 1st in discus
  • Sanne Nathan: 3rd in 1500m
  • Remy Waller: 2nd in high jump
  • Ashley Urbach: 3rd in shot put, 2nd in 200m, 2nd in 100m
  • Zac Urbach: 1st in 200m, 1st in 100m, 

Overall, Emanuel placed 3rd out of the eleven schools that competed at the CDSSA, with the following schools in the top five:

  • 1st place: Pittwater House – 2601 points
  • 2nd place: Reddam House – 1852 points
  • 3rd place: Emanuel School – 1810 points
  • 4th place: Moriah College – 1420 points
  • 5th place: Heritage College – 1047 points