Volume 30 Issue 34 12 Nov 2021 8 Kislev 5782

Amazing race

Hannah Greengarten – Year 7

Racing to repair the world

Year 7 had our first onsite PBL (Project-Based Learning) day last Wednesday. 

We have been focusing on the idea of Tikkun Olam, healing the world. To do this we have been studying the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals put together in 2015. 

We started the day with an amazing race style game. We raced around the School in our project groups and found posters with QR codes that we had to scan. After scanning the QR code, we would be asked a question based on the Global Goal that was presented on the poster and if it was answered correctly we would get an action which we had to perform and take a photo of, and a clue leading to the next poster. 

As the day went on we focused more on the specific goals that our groups were working on, which for me was Sustainable Cities and Communities. We had to find problems associated with our global goals so we chose to focus on air pollution in cities making them unsustainable. We researched our topics in more depth and acquired new information on them. After researching how deeply this problem affected society and designing Instagram posts to show this, it made us all the more eager to find a solution. 

We had so much fun and we can’t wait for the next PBL day to continue trying to heal the world!