Volume 30 Issue 23 06 Aug 2021 28 Av 5781

A taste of the Old City

Jacqui Cohen – Hebrew Teacher

Jerusalem bagels

In households across Sydney, the smell of delicious, sesame-crusted Jerusalem Bagels (בייגל׳ה ירושלמי) wafted from home ovens, just in time for lunch. The lucky Year 7M students are currently studying a unit about Jerusalem, so they learned to bake this oval-shaped bagel, which is traditionally sold around the gates of the Old City in Jerusalem. While the students worked, they practised new words, such as: to knead “LALOOSH”  ללוש and to mix “LE’ARBEV”  לערבב. The excitement from students and parents alike was palpable, with lots of positive buzz spreading across the community. 

Several students have made the recipe again, after the lesson, because the recipe makes 5 large bagels – but they can be snapped up pretty quickly by hungry family members. We highly recommend you try the recipe at home. It comes from Jamie Geller, an English-language food professional who lives in Israel.

Don’t forget to dip the bread in Za’atar, and drop me an email to let me know how your baking adventures go!